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The best family law attorneys know that the courts want you to resolve your legal disputes outside of the courtroom. Michael Bailey specializes in helping families like yours resolve issues and stay out of the courts whenever possible, effectively saving you time, money and emotional strain. When court simply cannot be avoided, our firm will be there to support you to reach as amicable and fair an agreement as possible. Serving the Bay Area since 1995, Michael Bailey is here to help provide custom legal solutions to fit your needs and budget. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. There is no obligation and you’ll know what to expect before you pay a penny.




If you and your spouse are separated and hoping to work through your divorce in the most amicable and cost-effective way possible, we will help make the process easier and mutually beneficial through thoughtful, compassionate, results-oriented mediation.

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Many individuals facing the prospect of divorce choose to represent themselves as a matter of financial practicality. If you are planning to handle your own divorce and would like an advocate on your side at critical points, I can offer support and guidance to help you work through complex legal language, paperwork and processes. Based on your needs and circumstances, I’ll help you avoid litigation and optimize your resources by providing answers to your questions, assisting with the completion of legal forms and advising you when you’re faced with important decisions. Then, if at any time you choose to retain me as your attorney, I’ll be able to step in with a ready understanding about your case.

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