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Michael J. Bailey

I have been practicing family law in the Bay Area for more than two decades. During this time, I have advised and represented hundreds of clients and families, in addition to teaching a number of courses and seminars on family law. Before founding this law practice, my first career was as a birth defects family counselor at a children’s hospital. That work helped provide the foundation I still use today for practicing law. I strive to help the individuals in each case understand the circumstances and concerns of all parties in order to discover a fair, reasonable and timely resolution. I am patient when teaching and counseling. If there is a dispute, I emphasize and facilitate effective negotiation as the first and best solution. My view is that litigation is the last option. I admire anyone who is willing to undertake any level of proactive, self-driven resolution and I have a passion for helping them succeed in doing so. I am willing to provide whatever coaching you may need at any stage in the process and I’ll gladly step in to assist more actively if your case reaches the courtroom. I love my job and I love helping good people reach favorable outcomes, even when being forced to face difficult and complex situations.